Press releases are important part of communication and marketing. The media playground is a changing field and

What is a Press Release?

Press release is a written communication (short article, mostly) targeted to the news media for the purpose of announcing something as having news value. In the internet context, press release is simply an announcement to gain public attention and search engine benefits thru press release site.

The Benefits of Press Release

Only if done correctly, press release can help you:
1) Attract interested visitors immediately
2) Gain permanent backlinks to improve your SEO
3) Getting the same industry outlets to talk about it
4) Improve brand awareness.

How to make sure your press release gets attention?

By keeping it professional. Follow these steps and contact me with any concerns.

  1. Choose the best time for your press release
  2. Write clearly and be understood
  3. Create a tempting headline
  4. Know your target audience and contact them
  5. Choose the right channels
  6. Always be ready to discuss more about the topic


I’ve worked with several PR agencies and we’ve had great success when it comes to PR. Take a look at some of our work below. We’ve had our work published in the biggest media outlets in Finland and europe wide.