What are talents?

Talents are an expression of the natural human abilities expressed through our actions, through the behaviour that we are naturally “perfect” at and that we do over and over. We cannot help it, it is in our genes.

Talents may be divided into 4 categories, called archetypes:

  • Intellectual Talents;  for example mastering Analysis or Strategy.
  • Motivating Talents; for example wanting Recognition or Responsibility.
  • Influencing Talents; for example The ability to Charm or Control.
  • Connecting Talents; for example . feeling Empathy or being able to Communicate.

What is so interesting about talents?
Research proves that people who apply 3 to 5 of their top talents to their job are much more productive, engaged and happy.

The same studies show that most people only actively apply one of their top talents to the work at hand. Most people therefore have a large potential in their un-applied talents.