I have a side job. Actually many.

But one of the cool ones is restaurant marketing.

I plan, manage, and try to build audience base for couple of restaurants. For example there is Cafe Pispala, which I’ve been working on for some time now. The tampere brunssi we do is amazing. I mean the staff does, I’m just good at eating.

(see what I did there SEO geeks)


How do you market a restaurant succesfully?

Add pictures maybe? I tried these.

brunssi tampere cafe pispala

For the brunch we have some good pictures.

cafe pispala menu

We’ve also tried some events, which seem to be working in Facebook and GMB (Google my Business)

ohana leipomo tampere

Btw, there’s a clear correlation (I’m not saying causation) with high quality pictures and search rankings. See Brightlocals amazing case study.