Hi, I am

Juuso Korhonen

MARKETING | How does restaurant business go digital?

brunssi tampere cafe pispala

I have a side job. Actually many. But one of the cool ones is restaurant marketing. I plan, manage, and try to build audience base for couple of restaurants. For example there is Cafe Pispala, which I’ve been working on […]

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RANDOM | Pictures of puppies

juuso korhonen dog picture

I have dog. He’s pretty amazing. But most of the times he can be pretty annoying. Still love him though. Did I mention he has a name of a car. A fast car. This is him. Meet Bentley. Anyways, this […]

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SEO | On-page scrolling links

scrolling links on page

Adding on-page navigation to your page, you need to consider internal links. But a simple and cool trick is to have internal scrolling links on a specific page. See example below. How to input internal scrolling links Simply add “a […]

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FINANCE | Payment default statistics – Finland 2019

payment default in finland

Asiakastieto published finnish payment default statistics from 2019. Year 2019 seems to be a difficult year for Finns. Approximately 382 000 persons has a record of payment default, which is a new all-time-record. Data – Persons with payment defaults by […]

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ME | Hello, it’s me.

I am Finnish born, citizen of the world. Currently living in southern Europe, but working frequently in Finland.

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