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Juuso Korhonen

PR | Press release – How to write one that gets attention?

press release juuso korhonen

Press releases are important part of communication and marketing. The media playground is a changing field and What is a Press Release? Press release is a written communication (short article, mostly) targeted to the news media for the purpose of […]

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SEO | On-page scrolling links

scrolling links on page

Adding on-page navigation to your page, you need to consider internal links. But a simple and cool trick is to have internal scrolling links on a specific page. See example below. How to input internal scrolling links Simply add “a […]

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MARKETING | How does restaurant business go digital?

brunssi tampere cafe pispala

I have a side job. Actually many. But one of the cool ones is restaurant marketing. I plan, manage, and try to build audience base for couple of restaurants. For example there is Cafe Pispala, which I’ve been working on […]

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FINANCE | Payment default statistics – Finland 2019

payment default in finland

Asiakastieto published finnish payment default statistics from 2019. Year 2019 seems to be a difficult year for Finns. Approximately 382 000 persons has a record of payment default, which is a new all-time-record. Data – Persons with payment defaults by […]

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How to find your talents?

woman playing guitar

What are talents? Talents are an expression of the natural human abilities expressed through our actions, through the behaviour that we are naturally “perfect” at and that we do over and over. We cannot help it, it is in our […]

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RANDOM | Pictures of puppies

juuso korhonen dog picture

I have dog. He’s pretty amazing. But most of the times he can be pretty annoying. Still love him though. Did I mention he has a name of a car. A fast car. This is him. Meet Bentley. Anyways, this […]

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ME | Hello, it’s me.

I am Finnish born, citizen of the world. Currently living in southern Europe, but working frequently in Finland.

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